Coat maintenance

Protect your jacket from rain and sunlight as much as possible. Avoid contact with leather, acids, alkalis, salts or organic solvents. When not wearing a jacket, it should be cleaned and stored properly. Use appropriate methods to shape and hang it with a relatively wide hanger. Avoid stacking heavy objects on leather products to avoid deformation and affect wearing. Leather products should be stored in a dry, cool, dust-proof place, and some mold and insect repellent drugs such as camphor pills should be placed near the leather products.

Clothes should be hung in the closet. Although the closet is a place to store clothes, it is not guaranteed to prevent dust. In addition, the joints of the closet and the adhesive on the veneer of the wood board are most likely to attract small bugs or breed mites. Therefore, after you put your clothes in the closet, it is best to stack or hang them face up. Silk, wool, and cashmere clothes should be placed next to camphor pills, coats, down jackets, suits, and light-colored coats. Dust cover.
Take off your coat in public and keep it upright. When going to restaurants, cinemas and other public places, if you want to take off your outer clothing, first turn the clothes upside down, then fold the sleeves of the clothes in half, wrap the fabric inside, and put them on a chair. Back of the


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